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Server Description

Welcome to Crystalps , a server that was made to provide you with a unique experience with constant never seen before updates.

Choose your class train your skills . Grab your gear , Make a team with your friends and start raiding!

We have daily tasks for all skills including fishing firemaking woodcutting smithing mining runecrafting , Also the new custom skills!

◈Alot of custom items ---- ◈Classes interface

◈Alot of custom maps ---- ◈Pet combat

◈Main Quests ---- ◈Daily quests

◈Custom slayer ---- ◈Egg incubator interface

◈Custom teleporation interface ---- ◈182 osrs data

◈Quest log interface ---- ◈Raids + Custom raids

◈Active staff ---- ◈Custom Npcs

◈Equipment slots Upgrade ---- ◈Item fuser interface

◈New custom skills ---- ◈Afk system

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